About Empowered Kids

Empowered Kids provides a mobile occupational therapy service for children, families and schools in the Gold Coast and Northern NSW area. We work closely with families, schools and other health professionals to support and empower children to reach their full potential. We believe that working together as a team set’s a strong platform for a child’s success.

This approach allows us to gain a clear understanding of the challenges a child is experiencing, and enables us to identify the underlying factors that are impacting on their performance at home, school or socially. We then provide therapy and strategies that are meaningful and unique to each individual child and family. In addition to therapy, we provide education, strategies and resources for teaching staff and parents.

Our therapy is integrative, innovative and fun, with a focus on enhancing children’s brain, body and skill development. We believe it is important that foundation skills are well established in order for further skill development to occur effectively. Our therapy encourages children to adopt a growth mindset towards learning and developing skills, which can have a positive impact on all areas of their life. The mind is a powerful tool and the brain has the ability to change (neuroplasticity), and we use these concepts as a basis for our therapy.

Many children can benefit from occupational therapy and your child does not need a formal diagnosis or a referral from your doctor to access our services.

Bonnie Lee and Kristy Harris are experienced occupational therapists who are passionate about what they do. They have rich and diverse backgrounds which brought them together to provide services which support and empower children, families and schools.

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