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We want to hear from exceptional individuals whose values align with ours! Don’t wait for a job ad to pop up – if you think you’re a perfect match for us, reach out for more information!

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Occupational Therapists

Are you passionate about helping children, families, and schools? Do you thrive in a dynamic team environment with innovative occupational therapists? If you value neurodiversity and strengths-based approaches, we have the perfect role for you! Empowered Kids offers a supportive, collaborative, and enjoyable team culture. Join us for extensive professional development opportunities in pediatric occupational therapy, tailored caseloads, and close collaboration with families, schools, and health professionals to empower children to reach their full potential.

New Graduate Occupational Therapists

We offer an extensive new graduate program with abundant supervision, mentoring, structured onboarding, professional development and reduced caseloads to enable you to develop your skills to the highest level. If you are dedicated and passionate about supporting children, families, and schools, and you’re looking for a supportive and long-term career opportunity, contact us!

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Volunteers & Students

Empowered Kids is committed to supporting the occupational therapists of the future by providing exceptional clinical placements for occupational therapy students completing extended placements. We also offer opportunities for enthusiastic occupational therapy or allied health assistant students to volunteer with our various group programs including surfing, sculpture, boxing (and more). If you’re studying an Occupational Therapy degree or Allied Health Assistant certificate and are looking for opportunities to enhance your skills, then get in touch!

    If the following values
align with yours, get in touch!

We join parents in the journey

We know that parents know their children best and want the best for their children. With a familycentred approach, we draw on your expertise as a parent and use it to develop the right support and service specifically for your child.

We do the right thing

We do the right thing for every child regardless of the time it takes or the resources it requires (even when no-one is looking). We treat others the way we would like to be treated and provide the standard of service that we would expect for our own family

Fun and creative
We infuse fun into everything

We believe fun is the secret ingredient to good therapy. It energises us and fuels our connection. By providing therapy under the guise of fun, we help children to develop their skills, confidence, and self-belief so they can truly flourish.

We are curious and bold

We continually improve the way we do things by thinking outside the box. We strive to reach goals, dare to be unique and challenge ourselves to evolve.

We all belong

By playing our part, we strive to give children and families access to the same opportunities and the ability to make connections and engage in meaningful activities.