Therapy for Kids

How we can help your child

One-on-one occupational therapy sessions are one of the best ways to help your child’s development.

We offer individualised therapy sessions for children from 2 – 18 years with one of our experienced therapists in our clinic, your home or your child’s school.

Fine Motor Skills

Using a pencil or cutlery, doing up buttons and tying shoelaces.

Coordination & Gross Motor Skills

Riding a bike, balancing, catching or throwing.

Cognitive Skills

Solving problems, memory and attention.

Behaviour & Self-regulation

Regulating energy levels and emotions.

Self-care Skills

Eating, dressing, hygiene and toileting.

Play & Social Skills

Getting along with others and making friends.

Sensory Processing

Feeling comfortable and ready to learn and play.

School Readiness

Concentration, getting organised and building independence.

What to expect from
Occupational Therapy

What exactly is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy helps children to celebrate their strengths while overcoming any challenges they experience with play, learning, attention and behaviour. As occupational therapists, we identify the underlying factors contributing to the challenges children are experiencing and enhance the child’s brain, body and skill development to set the foundations for success.

How do I know occupational therapy is right for my child?

After an initial phone consultation to get further information about your child’s strengths and challenges, an assessment with your child is arranged to ensure occupational therapy (and our clinic) is the right fit. If required, the therapist will make contact with those working directly with your child such as teachers or other health professionals. After the assessment a written report or verbal feedback will be provided outlining the results of the assessment. A block of therapy may then be recommended focusing on the child and family goals.

How are sessions provided?
Assessment and therapy can be provided in our clinic, at home, school, daycare or after school care, to best meet the needs of the child and their family. Each session is 45 minutes and is tailored to meet your child’s age, skill level and goals
What goes on in a session at Empowered Kids OT?
It really depends on the child and the family’s goals, however sessions are designed to be fun and engaging! Puzzles, games and play are all part of the therapy but designed to improve brainbody connection, concentration, strength, fine motor skills and more. Feedback on your child’s progress along with strategies and recommendations are provided at the end of each session, and parents are welcome to attend.
One of our favourite things about working one-on-one with children is being able to highlight their enormous potential. To see them happy and engaged, knowing the progress they are making in therapy overflows into their daily lives.

Rebates and funding

While Empowered Kids is a fee-paying service, some Medicare and private health insurance rebates may be available. Families are encouraged to speak with their GP and nominated health fund to find out whether they are eligible.

For more information on rebates visit Medicare and NDIS

Introducing Teletherapy

We’re pleased to introduce a new telehealth service to our families who live remotely or are not able to access support during Covid-19 restrictions. It means we can now run interactive sessions by secure video calls for some of our services. During the sessions we facilitate ‘at home’ activities with children using everyday items and carefully coach parents on how to best support their children. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer and a reliable internet connection!