Mentoring & Student Clinic

Hands on experience

Student OT’s who are passionate about paediatrics, will have hands-on experience to develop their skills and confidence.


Discounted Rates for Families

Services are provided at a reduced rate to families who choose to participate in our Student OT Clinic which has an added benefit to our local community.


Regular blocks of therapy available

Families are able to engage in continuous blocks of therapy (weekly or fortnightly) for the duration of the student clinic which runs regularly throughout the year.

Alone we are great, but together we are brilliant! 

We truly believe in striving to make a difference in our community and are committed to contributing to the training and development of future pediatric occupational therapists. At Empowered Kids, we partner with universities to offer a student run therapy clinic for 3rd or 4th year occupational therapist students to develop their skills and confidence as they progress into real-world practice. Student occupational therapists not only gain valuable insight and hands-on experience under the supervision of a Senior OT, but our student clinic also supports families who may be experiencing extended wait for services and are offered at a discounted rate.

Childhood is perfectly imperfect. We are here to celebrate each child’s strengths and support them to be able to enjoy everyday life.