School Services

Children develop skills at an incredible rate during their early years and it’s often teachers and educators who are the first people in a child’s life to notice they are struggling.

We partner with childcare centres, preschools and schools to provide expertise and training to ensure that they are equipped to best support students to flourish.

Assessments & therapy

We can provide individual assessments and therapy, either engaged by families directly or by the school. We coordinate all referrals, assessments and therapy sessions as well as the payment of services with families. We just require a room on the day of therapy.

School screenings

We can help you identify which students may need extra support by conducting screenings and provide a summary report for the teacher and parents.

Small group or whole school programs

We can tailor programs that target a variety of areas such as fine motor skills, school readiness, movement, coordination skills, social skills and concentration and memory.

Workshops & presentations

We regularly present a variety of workshops and talks at schools, parent association groups and for other allied health professionals. We tailor each of our in-service presentations around your school’s specific needs, questions, subject area and cohort age range and can present these to both staff and parents.

A free introductory presentation explaining “What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy?” and how we support students, parents and teaching staff is also provided.

Please contact us for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how we can support the children, families and staff at your centre or school.