Travel Sensory Pack

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  • A fidget kit with a variety of sensory fidgets that can provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages and support regulation.
  • A great regulation tool that can be used to support emotional and self regulation at home or school, at the movies, during car or plane trips, holidays, supermarket visits or non preferred situations.
  • Sensory fidgets and resources can support children with engagement and play skills, anxiety, sensory processing sensitivities or emotional regulation difficulties by calming the nervous systems and therefore the sensory system.

Our travel sensory packs support self regulation particularly children who can struggle with plane trips or car trips, or become overwhelmed or anxious when travelling to or from school or social outings.

Each pack includes one of the following: Fidget Kit, Weighted Lap Mat, Ooze Bubble Timer, Earmuffs

Important: When ordering a travel sensory pack, please state your colour preference for the Earmuffs and Bubble Timer.