Sensory Fidget Startup Kit

$50.00 inc. GST

  • A variety of sensory fidgets that are quick to grab a child’s attention and support emotional and self regulation by calming the nervous system and therefore the sensory system.
  • You can add additional items and personalise your child’s fidget kit.
  • Sensory fidgets that can be used to support engagement and self regulation at home or school, at the movies, during car or plane trips, holidays, supermarket visits or non preferred situations.

A selection of visual and tactile fidgets that can help your child calm and refocus. This start up kit can be used in the car, at school, or at home.

Each kit will include one of the following items

  • Yongjun Puzzle Ball
  • Dinosaur Head
  • Slap Bands
  • Buzzing Magnets
  • Wooden Kaleidoscope
  • Wooden Puzzle Snake
  • A5 Scratch Pad (includes 10 sheets and 2x pencils)
  • Light Up Meteor ball

The colours of all fidgets vary. Please add a note on your order if you have any specific colour preferences.

Bubble timers are sold separately and can be a very helpful calming tool to have as part of a sensory fidget kit.

Each of these items is available for purchase individually as well:
Yongjun Puzzle Ball, Dinosaur Head, Slap Bands, Buzzing Magnets, Wooden Kaleidoscope, Wooden Puzzle Snake, A5 Scratch Pad (includes 10 sheets and 2x pencils), Light Up Meteor ball.